Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Say Thank

(Angelina Kusuma)

Say thank to those who ever disappointed you, reject you, throw you, leave you, scolding you, deceive you, hate you, and other acts that make you in suffer

Your wounds will hurt you when you're in a period of learning
But, after you're out away from suffering, you will know that you have a new up level!

Those who hurt you in the past, helped you to be like now
You will knowing that your suffering produces endurance, and your endurance creates character that bring hope and it does not disappoint


Fitria said...

Enjie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Great Computer Tips said...

Say thank for everything that God has made for us is must! We can not egoist, just need the goodness from God but reject the badness from Him. Good or bad, that is the best from God from our life and we must enjoy in it

Enjie said...

100% agree with you, Great Computer Tips. We must enjoy our life :)