Wednesday, January 06, 2010

...Is Love

(Angelina Kusuma)

To all people, who are looking for love anywhere, but did not find anybody who can make them feel truly comfortable
To all people, who had tried hard to please many people to get love, but there never was one who could make them happy
To all people, who always think, "I've loved him sincerely, but why he never loved me, like I love him?"
To all people, who lost someone they love in their lives
To all people, who've been disappointed by love and thought, "I do not need love again!"

Remember, Someone who loves you...
He was always waiting for you
Bringing His great love for you
Who will always accept your love, never reject you, never hurt you, will never leave you alone

He is love itself!
What should you look for from the beginning
Not seek it from someone else, because others can not give you love, like His Love

He's close to you, very close...
As far as your pray

He is God!

1 John 4:8, But anyone who does not love does not know God--for God is love

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