Saturday, January 16, 2010

The simple things that we're forget

(Angelina Kusuma)

Do you remember,
Many years ago when we're kids
How did we play every day

Although we're not feeling well, our hands kept reaching for the ball and play dolls
Although we did not have anything, laughter and the smiles never left our lips

When we're sad, we always have a way to get up again and forget the sorrow
When we're angry with friends, never lasted long. A moment later we're reconciled to them again

Everything looked so beautiful, cheerful, no significant burden

But when we get teenagers and adults...everything changed!
The world no longer as beautiful as the childhood, not as cheerful as the childhood

If we're sick, sad, angry, and when we do not have anything or lost something or someone, we're quickly disappointed with this life
When their life are not easy and feel so hard, some people blame their parents, some people envious of their friends, some people hate themselves and their life, and some people rebelled against God

We're forget how to play and have fun with a simple way as a child!

Are you?

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