Monday, March 29, 2010

Do Not Stop Dreaming

(Angelina Kusuma)

Life ends when you stop dreaming
So, do not stop to make dreams and do something until your dreams to be real

Someone who single, keep dreaming that someday you'll have a spouse that loved and loves you so much
Someone who had spouse, keep dreaming that your relationships always in God blessing and never ending until dead
Someone who wants children, keep dreaming that you'll have kids someday
Someone who has not work, keep dreaming that you'll get a job base on your skills
Someone who is sad, losing someone, lack of blessing, or whatever your pains, keep dreaming that you will find the happiness that you need

Live in faith, do the best, and trust God
Your dreams has come true if you always believe!



Yes, agree. Life must coloured by passion to make it have a great meaning. Don't ever surrender in every conditions. Try the best that you can, and you will be success someday :).


Enjie said...

Tx for your visiting :)

Lina said...

A very touching poem :). Every steps in our life has own suffer. Keep struggle and don't give up! God will make our dreams come true if we never stop to dreaming

Enjie said...

@Lina: Yes! Keep struggle and never give up. God will make a Him