Monday, March 01, 2010

Looking For Number 13

(Angelina Kusuma)

One of my Sunday School children, asked me yesterday, "Sister, why is the clock always spinning"

All of my answers, refuted by him. Then he said, "The clock is always spinning because it's looking for number 13"

Hehe, so funny! (I did not know where this kid get the material for his strange question like that :D)

But, if it was contemplated, there is a meaning behind his funny riddle

Often, our times run so fast every day for no reason. In fact, the number of hours remains 24 per day (1 to 12 AM and 1 to 12 PM)

Why did it happen?

Because, we more often look for the number 13 on the clock or something that does not exist in our lives, rather than choosing an existing and enjoy it

When we're stop searching and accept an existing, time would have seemed slow...

So, enjoy your times, loves your life, and get nice experience every day, because time is very valuable!


situ said...

keren banget kak...izin bwt ngutip ya...? ^^

Enjie said...

Silahkan hehehe :)


Cool! Sometimes kids can think well than adults: p. I also liked the kids and learn from them about the meaning of life filled with happiness and joy

Enjie said...

Children have a heart that is still pure so they can think well than adults