Thursday, December 10, 2009

Faith Love Letter

Dear beloved,

As I write this, I saw you in my faith, that one day you'll be receiving this letter and read it. I can see you and I can feel your presence. We just have not united.

I'm not a good woman, but I'll try my best to you. I do not have a pretty face to make you interested, I just got a heart full guard for you. I do not have gold and silver around me, I only have a series of prayers that I sent around to you every day.

When you ask me, "Why do you love me?". Maybe, I will not be able to answer it. Perhaps, I have no reason to love you. I just did it because I want to.

I also would never promised that my presence at your side will always make you happy. No, I'm not a perfect angel, who can make you keep happy. I know, I'm limited. And therefore, I only promise that I will bring you to The Source of true happiness. I will bring you to Jesus, to make you always smile every day.

I'm not promising the world to be yours. But I promise you, that you are my world. You're the only reason that always brought me home, when I stepped out of the house (nj@coe).

Who loves you with faith, hope, and love
Angelina Kusuma

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